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Tournament Outline  
A warm Taekwondo welcome to all!
The Organizing Committee and Hellenic Taekwondo Federation would like once again to invite your delegation to attend the Greece Open 2016- WTF G1 Ranking Event, which will be held in Thessaloniki , Greece 10-11-12 June 2016. We guarantee high quality organization and competition and we would like to ensure that we will make every possible effort in organizing a successful Tournament of the highest technical level.
Stay tuned with this page and get all the information needed about the tournament.
Find below some highlights of the tournament. For futher details you may download our full invitation in pdf from here
  • Place : PAOK SPORTS ARENA -  12, Antoni Tritsi str, Pilea , Thessaloniki
  • Date : 10-11-12 June 2016
  • Contestant : All participants must be member of a National Taekwodo Federation

  • :
  • Cadet male & female born in 2002,2003,2004
  • Junior male & female born in 1999,2000,2001
  • Senior male & female (WTF G1 Ranking) born in 1999 and older. *

* Juniors born in 1999 may compete as juniors or as seniors. Not in both categories.

  • Weight divisions
  • Weight divisions

    Cadet Male: -33kg, -37kg, -4lkg,-45kg,-49kg,-53kg, -57kg,-6lkg,-65kg,+65kg
    Cadet Female: -29kg,-33kg, 37kg,-4lkg,-44kg,-47kg,-5lkg,-55kg,-59kg,+59kg
    Junior Male: -45kg,-48kg, -5lkg,-55kg,-59kg -63kg -68kg,-73kg,-78kg,+78kg
    Junior Female: -42kg,-44kg,-46kg,-49kg -52kg,-55kg,-59kg,-63kg,-68kg,+68kg
    Senior Male: -54kg,-58kg,-63kg,-68kg,-74kg,-8Okg,-87kg,+87kg
    Senior Female: -46kg,-49kg, -53kg,-57kg,-62kg,-67kg,-73kg,+73kg
  • Registration : Tournament Subscription Site: Ηangastar
  • Deadline :

Check Thessaloniki google map with useful places regarding tournamentseful places regarding tournament
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